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Issuing a claim


If customers do not pay that which is due despite reminders then it is usual for debt collection procedures to be looked at. Usually these take the form of an initial letter and if there is no payment, proceedings will be issued at a court to collect the debt. 


Frequently there is no defence to a claim which would give rise to a Judgement. If a claim is defended then we can advise and assist on the defence the relevant procedures and attended court.


To discuss your situation with a solicitor call us on 0121 323 1860.

Enforcement of a Judgement 


Obtaining a Judgement does not automatically produce the money that is due. There are various ways to proceed after a judgement. These include sending in the Bailiff or Sheriff to collect goods and sell them; obtaining charging orders over property; injunctions; or winding up a company. 


We advise on the best method of enforcement in these circumstances and then proceed with the appropriate action. 


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