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Personal Injury 


Claims arising out of, for example, motor accidents or incidents at work have risen dramatically over recent times. Almost a separate industry has grown up around these claims involving insurance companies, claims companies and advertisements on television and radio. 


We have always acted for clients in relation to Personal Injury claims. We have never taken a percentage of the clients compensation and have rarely been involved in the “no win no fee culture”; we provide a swift professional service in respect of which, usually, others will be responsible for our fees.  


Arbitration and Mediation


Arbitration and Mediation are ways to deal with disputes other than by using the court system. They are more informal and are designed to bring a settlement to disputes more quickly and in a less expensive manner. 


Certain rules apply to Arbitration and there are usually set guidelines to Mediation which need to be followed. 


We help clients prepare for and assist them in relation to attendance at Arbitration and Mediation hearings. 




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